Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Minima Minima Minima!

Miss Amazing?? A little conceited? Nope. It's sort of a goal i've set for myself. A name that I want to live up to. "The adventures of brit" sounded a little too gay. Not that I have a problem with the gay folk. But if they're allowed to call brain farts "blonde moments," I think I can get away with calling something gay.

Since nobody knows about this blog, it sort of feels like I'm talking to myself; which I do actually do from time to time. Mostly in my car. At night. When I can be certain that I wont look over to see somebody in the next car over staring at me. I'm getting off-topic again.

I created this blog to remind myself that I need to do something interesting. I need to do something worth reading and writing about. I have a few things lined up, but nothing is set in stone. So, we'll see how it goes. The rules? I'm not allowed to write in here until I have something interesting to talk about or some cool pictures to put up.
love love love