Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Love

I was recently enjoying dinner out with the family when a certain musician caught my eye.

Her name is Nena Anderson, and besides her amazing solos, she has two very talented bands: Brawley and the Neverout.

After a few minutes of cyber stalking this talented and cute artist, I realized we worked together at a popular 50s diner in San Diego. She's actually the reason I was hired.

Just fresh out of high school, I had walked into what was then my absolute most favorite restaurant EVER, with a manilla folder containing my resume and my best friend by my side. We were seated at our table and a cute brunette waitress skipped over, throwing straws at us and introduced her persona. (We all had personas at that restaurant, complete with goofy names from the 50's or 60's to go with our poodle skirts, bowling shirts, and ridiculous wigs.) For some reason she liked my nerdy-nervous-overpreparedness and grabbed the manager as soon as she saw an application on the table. And that's pretty much how I got my first job in the restaurant business. And the rest is history.

Imagine my shock right now. I've been listening to her music all evening and my family found it difficult to leave the restaurant while she was playing because it was so haunting.

Destiny? I don't know. But I'm dragging my friends to see her at the next bar she's playing at on the 15th :o) Brawley will be playing and I can't wait to get my swing on.