Friday, September 5, 2008

Zero Hour

The following are notes taken on my iphone.

August 15th

I slept for about a half hour last night. Hopped up on starbucks frappuccino. You know, those little glass bottles with the screw on lid you can buy at any convenient store. I woke up at seven a little too perky. Michele and dad were irritable, but I didn't let that bug me.

They perked up after we landed in Nashville, one of our many delays on our way to New York. Michele decided to document our misery through camera phone photography.

Rule One: Never buy tickets last minute. Unless you enjoy making a five hour trip turn into a ten hour trip. I kind of liked adding Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to my "states I've been to" list. No it's not cheating if you have to spend over two hours there.

We landed in Philidelphia around ten at night. All I could think about were cheese steaks. We were picked up and taken to a pretty nice hotel. My excitement of being able to finally relax and possibly rent IRON MAN through the in-room movie selection was quickly over-shadowed by my realization that THIS BED is where I was going to get to sleep...

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