Friday, September 5, 2008

Planes Trains and Automobiles...

August 16th

We woke up at around eight in the morning, which is the equivalent of five in the morning pacific time, and dragged ourselves and our suitcases down to get our first taste of east coast taxi driving. It wasn't New York, but I figured we were close enough. As our cabbie made drug deals while taking us to the Amtrak, I noticed was how green everything is despite it being mid august, "No, I said I'd be there in five minutes! No I'll tell you what it is later ok?? Five minutes!"

The Amtrak station is beautiful. It looks like a real classic train station with it's giant clocks and huge arched ceilings. I had never been in a real American train station before.

We're leaving Pennsylvania, home of SCRANTON, Pennsylvania where my facorite tv show "The Office" takes place. As we cross over into New Jersey, scrap metal yards become a frequent sighting, and maybe it's just because they're located directly next to a rail road, but the housing looks pretty shitty too. The trees are different here. Big and round. Not like California forests with their gigantic towering pines. These trees are friendlier. Natural Pennsylvania/ New Jersey looks like what everyone tries to make their front lawns look like. Maybe they think they can get away with shitty buildings because their land is so beautiful. In southern California we can't be so lazy. I miss how clean it is back home.

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