Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I open my eyes suddenly and experience a fleeting moment of confusion that sometimes accompanies an awakening. I roll over on my side and my face presses comfortably into my pillow.

Why am I awake? What woke me up so suddenly?

As I reach for my phone, it vibrates again. A text message? What time is it even? I unlock it and squint down into the bright screen. 4 A.M. Becoming more irritated by the second, I open my text messages to see that my disturbance is an unknown number.

"What the hell..." I start.

"Do you have 10k or more in credit card debit?" It began. "Our debt relief program CUTS your payment and total debt by over HALF. No upfront fees. May we contact you?"



purplegirl said...

I had a company like that call me at seven in the morning every day for a week until I lost my patience, demanded a manager, and ripped them a new one. After six days of telling them I wasn't interested and I wasn't giving them any information, I was pissed.

ShellSpann said...

I get those texts A LOT. At first I only got them here and there. Now I get them several times a week. SO ANNOYING!