Monday, October 5, 2009

I can take it

A brief summary of a day in the life of the average young woman.

10:45AM "Niiiice boots." said one of the bros in a group of five young adults on my way to my Physiology lecture. "Smokinnnnn" I can hear them stop walking and turn in my direction.

12:15PM A group of three athletes become over-joyed when they spy a tennis ball on the ground and pick it up as I walk towards them on the way to my tennis class. One apologizes for stealing a ball that could have potentially been mine. They begin singing a song: "Ohh tennis girrrrrl..."

12:25PM Walking to the tennis courts, I am forced to pass very closely by two different male athletes and the heckling begins. "Heyyy tennis. Mmmm! Tennis, hey!"

12:45PM My normal tennis partner is absent and I am propositioned by two different men to be their tennis partner. I actively avoid a third who has already tracked me down on facebook and asked for my number.

1:30PM I'm walking to the office where my best friend works, carrying a huge bouquet of roses and star gazers that I am surprising her with for her 22nd birthday. "Baby, I'll get you more than roses." Begins the man as I hurredly pass by.

1:50PM On my way to a discounted medical supply store, I try to pull my shorts down as the man in the truck next to me tries to smoothly lean his head out to peak down at me through my un-tinted windows. I remind myself again to put down "Tint Windows" on my checklist.

2:00PM At the medical supply store, the over-friendly staff guy walks me around half the building looking for what I need, only to "discover" that everything had actually been in one place near the entrance. He then proceeds to ask me about my life story. As he begins to gush over the television show "The Office", I curse myself wearing my Dunder Mifflin shirt. Fifteen minutes later we're finally at the check out station, and I slowly inch my way to the door, smiling and nodding, waiting for him to take a breath so I can grab my plastic grocery bag and run.

2:30PM At the local grocery store buying necessities. An older woman politely compliments my Dunder Mifflin shirt. I smile and thank her.

2:45PM Outside at the local pumpkin patch picking up a few for the house. My total is $18.75. I give him $20 and tell him to keep the change. He carries all of my pumpkins to my car and puts them in the car for me. A little odd, seeing as he didn't for the two he checked out ahead of me, but greatly appreciated. Although it was probably a little inconvenient for the man in line behind me.

3:00PM And I'm home. My shift at Hooters starts in two hours and fifteen minutes. At least I'll be getting paid for it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'll get in line with the rest of the pigs you encountered during your day. I got a serious boot fetish so I gotta know what yours look like.

purplegirl said...

I'll trade you--guys can leer at me and scream fat insults at you for a day! :)

I'm just kidding, people in general are fucking rude and shouldn't be harassing you. It's unfortunate that our society acts as if men are just entitled to treat any woman they deem fuckable that way.

Klaatu said...

While I do agree that a lot of men are leering douches. Do you not see the irony that you complain about being leered at while you earn your living being leered at.
C'mon seriously, do you think people go to Hooters for the food?
It isn't called "sexually ambiguous people of equality sharing intellect over fine dining" restaurant.

brit said...

The post wasn't a complaint, just merely a statement. While I wasn't intending to make a point with this post, I feel that I unconsciously stated that because I am leered at, heckled, harassed, or pursued in another way on a daily basis (and most young women are), I might as well benefit from it in some way. Hello Hooters!

brit said...

hey purple girl, I agree with you. While I understand that educational facilities and hobbies are a great way to meet people and spark potential relationships, there is definitely a certain way to go about it. What I don't understand is why people are so rude. While I'm walking to and from my destinations I just want to be ignored, not degraded.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Brit's post is ironic. Its natural to enjoy being found attractive some of the time, and to want to just go about your business at other times. Plus, at Hooters its a controlled environment with a pay-off. No irony in that.