Wednesday, October 14, 2009

words can't bring me down

I wash my hands and clean my nails, pulling any dirt out from under them.


The oily make up remover melts off the mascara and the cleanser polishes. A little stream of blue toner disappears into the cotton ball and I can feel my skin tighten just slightly. Next comes the anti-aging moisturizer and the night-time eye cream.

Because you’re never too young to start.

My skin is soft and pretty. The freckles are barely visible but they’re there. My naked lips are the perfect pink and my cheeks are bronzed from the sun. My hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail and the baby hairs framing my face are pale and delicate. My green eyes smile back at me. The aqua and yellow flecks are brought out by the deep blue ringing my irises. I smile back and the creases in my cheeks look happy.

I’m happy.

And I love myself. And I think I’m beautiful, just the way I am in my naked skin.

For the first time in my life.


ShellSpann said...

I love this :) I hope that one day I can reach that point.

brit said...

I originally didn't want to publish this one because I felt it was a little too intimate. But I think everybody deserves to feel beautiful. It's so popular for women to knit pick themselves. I hear and see it every day at work.