Thursday, August 6, 2009


The last thing I want to do is force music and lifestyles upon you. My biggest pet peeve are people that have nothing better to do than to tell you how to live your life. That being said, I am a lover of almost all music out there. I love true punk and ska but I keep my hair at my natural shade of blonde. I like house but I'm not a slut. I enjoy reggae but I'm not a pot head. Basically I think I'm very good at being me and it pisses me off when I get "the glare" at shows because I'm not wearing the right clothes or that I don't have the right hair.

My sister is really big into surf rock and rockabilly, two of my most favorite styles of music. But
occasionally with the rockabilly crowd, comes the over-zealous psychobilly fan. This is one of my least favorite people besides the emo-hipster. This fan, who is indeed a specific person, states that the actually "psychobilly lifestyle" is in fact more important than the music itself. What this lifestyle actually entails, I have no idea, but my point is IT'S F***ING MUSIC! Sit down and enjoy it! That's what it's made for.

The whole reason why I started writing this post, is because I wanted to again mention the awesome Apple store dude that helped me out yesterday. During one of our random chats he decided to take me to one of the computers that had an awesome sound system to show me his buddy's local band. Because to most awesome nerds, and especially me, music is one of the deepest bonding levels. Well his buddy that he grew up with happens to be a kick ass musician, and when I went home to check out more of his stuff on my computer, I realized this guy is kind of a big deal. He writes all the music for his "band," records it all himself, and then puts it together. His music has also been featured on Grey's Anatomy and in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic among other things. He's the very talented Greg Laswell. Check him out!


G.H. said...

Oh man..I have loved this guy since I heard him on Grey's Anatomy..
And you met his friend.. how cool...

Devika said...

Haha, nice, this is allison by the way, I'm following you :D

Devika said...

Here they come in their cuffed levis,
Hair slicked back, they're real tough guys
Black t-shirt and a bad attidude
Better not step on their blue suede shoes

Livin' in a time that's long since gone
It's not quite right, there's something wrong
Look! There goes another Betty Page
Get with it chick, it's all the rage

He's really, really, really rockabilly
Really, really, really rockabilly
He pissed in his pants
He's too drunk to care
He's wearin' 1956 underwear