Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nice To Meet You, Mr. GM

It was all you can eat wing night and I was breaker. My favorite blog reader came in to visit me again, but unfortunately was unable to sit in my section since I didn't have one, and I didn't get to break her section before she and her bunch of friends she brought in left. D: Maybe next Tuesday!

But do you remember how my boyfriend doesn't exactly jump for joy at the idea of me waitressing at Hooters...? Well I felt that maaaaybe if I actually had him come in and see me more often, he may have a change of heart, seeing as he had only really been in twice before and he was with his buddies. So, I sent him a text, telling him that I would probably be off around 10-10:30 if he wanted to come in and get dinner with me after my shift. Well, he ended up having a wonderful time. I set him up with all you can eat wings and we sat in my friend's section. My General Manager actually came over and introduced himself to the boyfriend, telling him that it was awesome to meet him and that he should come in more often.

We stayed until closing and the restaurant was almost empty. We watched as my GM pulled all of the girls together to tell them how well our restaurant was doing, and that if we boosted our sales just a little bit more, we'd be almost at the top. The way they sat together reminded me of a family, and the girls cheered when they heard the good news. It was sweet to watch the closeness and I could tell my boyfriend noticed. After wards, my boyfriend walked me out to my car and we passed my general manager who was just walking back from escorting another girl to hers. "It was really great to meet you!" He said again to my boyfriend. "Come back soon! And thanks for making sure our brit got to her car safely. It's great to have you back brit."
Needless to say, the boyfriend's opinions of Hooters have risen considerably.


EL said...

"Needless to say, the boyfriend's opinions of Hooters have risen considerably."

Yayyy! =)

purplegirl said...

That's great! It can be hard when you're SO doesn't like your workplace.

Klaatu said...

I am glad to see that the manager accompanies the employees safely to their vehicles.
Seems like a pretty good workplace.

boyfriend said...

I never said I had a low opinion of hooters as a business. It's the douche bag customers like you quoted in a more recent post that keep my opinion considerably low. And as long as low life pompous fuckers continue to roam san diego, they will continue to be file into Hooters with delusions of self grandeur.

I cant wait till you're MY hot nurse ;) <3 u hunni