Friday, January 23, 2009

Caution: Blonde Thinking

Because I'm a nice person and traded shifts with a girl who needed Friday off, I get to hostess Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in a row while the boyfriend parties it up at the desert. I'm not really complaining though because I need the experience and the more busy shifts I get, the better the chances are of me training to serve soon. I still haven't told my current employers that I have a new job, so when my schedules conflict I have to call in sick or go home early. I'm such a wimp.

I walked into work already tired from working 7 hours at my office job. But I recognized one of the hostesses as the girl I ate dinner with on my last shift. YES! Familiar face! She was quickly stolen away from me to deliver food to tables when the managers realized that the rain had scared away our normal crazy thursday night rush. I didn't kick butt like I did on Saturday but the night slowly got better. The third hostess was a girl I hadn't met before. She had beautiful eyes matching her gorgeous chestnut hair that cascaded down her back in tight curls that would never hold in my hair and her skin was a beautiful milky white with perfectly pink flushed cheeks. She looked like a doll and had the energy of a chihuahua. I couldn't believe it when she told me she was a natural red head. That explains the milky-perfect skin. This girl and I hit it off. "I like you." She randomly said when I finally got up the nerve to chat with her. After our shift we got kids daytona chicken strips (mmmm) and gossiped about our day while she tried convincing me to do pageants with her. I knew it. She definitely had the pageant queen thing going for her. I'm really really starting to like my job. I've never been able to just sit down and do girl talk with someone I've just met. I think this experience it therapeutic for me.

Apparently I look just like another Hooters girl there because I've had a few girls start talking to me while I was changing in the dressing room only to look me in the face and exclaim "OMG you're not so and so!" I was excited when I got hired, but I was always slightly uneasy of the idea of at least 12 pretty girls working together for 4-6 hours at a time. Scenes from "MEAN GIRLS" flashed though my mind. But was I wrong or what. These girls are the nicest girls I've ever met. No one is mean. If you help a girl out, she'll go out of her way to return the favor. The managers can be a little scary, but you have to be when you're babysitting 80 little girls.

Let's see, highlights of today...? I had my first stupid pick up line from three indie guys that walked in. Indie guys?? In HOOTERS?? Yeah I couldn't believe it either. Usually those kids think they're too good for people like me that don't fall into a specific stereotype. Anyways, I had my first drunk man try and track me down with a Hooter's calendar demanding that I sign it even though I wasn't in it. One man started talking to me while waiting for his to-go order. While eyeing the calendar girls we have on our wall he said "would you want to do that?" "Not really." I replied. "Yeah, I wonder what happens to them when they get old. You look like you've got a mind to you." "Thanks." I smiled. But then I started thinking... what happens to most of those girls? They are required to be working hooters girls if they want to get in the calendar meaning they're just working stiffs like me. If they don't make it big is that their claim to fame? Hmm, I'll have to look into this.

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