Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am not an exhibitionist.

Today I stopped by my boyfriend's work and brought egg mc muffins, hash browns, and iced coffees for the boys.  While my boyfriend was preoccupied with a car allignment, I chatted with his close friend.
"So how do you like Hooters so far?" he said with a mouthful of mc muffin.
"It's great.  It's probably the funnest job I've ever had."  Yeah I know funnest isn't a word but I was in east county and didn't want to stand out too much. :p
"Well yeah I bet, all those guys looking at you..." he trailed off.

Ok.  Stop.  Right there.  No.  HELL no.  If I wanted to work somewhere for the attention I'd find a strip club.  This is where I don't understand guys and this is why when people ask where I work I say "A police station."  Frankly, I find the girls I work with who flaunt their occupation to be a little bit ostentatious.  This is why I write about where I work in my blog, which a total of maybe five or six people read.  Unfortunately four girls who hang out with my boyfriend's friends work there so my secret wasn't so secret for long.  But I want you to know that if Hooters was what television and movies make it out to be, I wouldn't be working there.  I respect myself that much.  Hooters is "fun" for me because it forces me to interact with very feminine girls; something I never do on my own time.  I think it's healthy for me because, although the uniforms cover more than most girls wear during the summer, they are a little revealing and it is helping me work on my confidence.  At work I am forced to communicate with gorgeous girls and easily carry a conversation with the guests that come into our restaurant, something I was never able to do before because of my horrible self-esteem.  It forces me to do my hair and make up.  It forces me to pay attention to what my body eats and how much I exercise.  It's forcing me to take care of myself.  I applied to Hooters with the knowledge that they train girls to serve in less than a month while most restaurants make you host for at least three to six months.  I applied to Hooters with the assumption that they wouldn't call me back.  


The Mayor Of Wingville said...

And people don't believe me when I say I actually do like the food there. (Hey fat boy like his quesadilla, assuming your store has it on the menu, if not ham & cheese it is…) I think on some level Hooters speaks to my politically incorrect sense of humor and deep down it's a family restaurant but it will always have it's share of critics.

Annette said...

That makes sense to me. I don't understand why men seem to think that it would be the BEST thing for a girl to just have guys look at her all day long. Ugh. I get shudders thinking about it. No thankyou! Which is ironic considering *my* profession, but I have a lot of control over what they see I suppose. Glad its helping your self esteem and keeping you motivated though, I think most 'modelling-but-not-really' jobs are like that.

brit said...

Ha that's what I ordered when I had to pull a double. We only get free meals off the kids menu unless we order a house salad. But since I offered to stay five hours longer I got to pick something off the regular menu. Quesadilla it was... and it was amazing :p