Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just re-read this post and realized it makes me look like a crazy person... if you don't understand my humor; don't worry most don't.  Just know that I usually try to view the world and cope with life through humor... so keep that in mind when you read ANY of my posts.  Thank you.
Caution Blonde Thinking Inc.

Yes, like millions of preteen girls, I am a Twilight nerd. I've read the whole series twice and, when I can't sleep, I watch a grainy version of Twilight on watchmovies.net. Like the other red-blooded females, I "know" that I'm perfect for Edward in every way and even though Bella seems like a pretty cool chick she's just another brown eyed brunette. Not that there's anything wrong with that... and I know Edward says he prefers brunettes, but that's just because he hasn't met me yet ;o)

Ok ok I'll stop.

But seriously, some odd facts about Twilight that relate to my life and why my boyfriend and I are destined to be together. Besides my boyfriend sharing Edward's sexy bed head, gorgeous nose, and heart-breaking cheekbones, he was born June 3rd, which is the day after Stephanie Meyer began writing twilight. That date she began writing, my boyfriend turned 17. Edward's exact age! Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. My boyfriend and I started dating June 2nd 2007, five years after the exact date Stephanie Meyer began writing Twilight. Edward's birthday is June 20th 1901, making him a Gemini like my boyfriend and one year off of the year of the Tiger which is my boyfriend's zodiac symbol. Bella's birthday is September 13, 1987 which makes her and I both Virgos in the year of the rabbit. Thank god. Now I can sleep in peace knowing my boyfriend and I are star-crossed lovers destined to be together :p

Sorry Harry Potter. You're a kick ass dude but you're no sensual brooding vampire. I tried to google "Hot Harry Potter" and this is what I get. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares.

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Ania said...

Now imagine the thing you're going to have nightmares about in real life. I saw the play Daniel Radcliffe gets naked in.

I can't watch Harry Potter anymore.