Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm also a secretary/babysitter.

I've been working at a police station 5 days a week for almost two years now and I'm still deciding whether to keep both of my jobs or continue on with only Hooters. The tips I get when I begin to wait tables will decide that for me. I meet some pretty interesting people at work and I enjoy writing about them.

My week so far:

Sometimes I really hate working at a police station when I have to sit face to face with a pedophile waiting to regis
ter. He had the nerve to say to me: "well I gotta take care of this, even though it's a pain." Most of these guys look like they could be my dad's best friend or my mom's brother. It's terrifying,

Some crazy goth kid just complained to me about the non-smoking ordinance in El Cajon, comparing it to Nazi Germany circa 1933-45. Then he saluted Adolf Hitler and "marched" away. really? REALLY? Yes please PLEASE pollute my air with your cancer sticks sir. And thank your for comparing my country to a fascist dictator's.

Is it wrong to get extremely frustrated with people that use their less-than-profficient-skills to speak or read english as an excuse to break laws and ignore rules that the rest of us are required to follow?? And then the expect me to excuse their tickets on that evidence alone? There is a 24X24 sign stating that what you did is illegal sir. No it's not my fault that you didn't have your glasses on. And now I'm very afraid that there are people like you driving without their glasses on and unable to read close-range 24X24 signs...

It's only Tuesday :o/

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