Sunday, February 1, 2009

So apparently people read this...

This blog started out as an attempt to channel my emotions in a more therapeutic way when I couldn't draw, run, play an instrument, drive, or do something I would normally do to vent.

But now, because of my Hooters blogging I've gotten a little bit more publicity thanks to:

Thanks guys!

So, in my new girly occupation, I learned that most of the women I work with wear clip in hair extensions. Something, I've honestly never heard of. That's right, you CLIP IN hair that holds curl better than your own hair, and then-after work-you clip it right out! Amazing! (Remember when I wrote about that girl with the beautiful long brown chesnut hair? That's right! Clip in! She actually has a bob!!)

I've also encountered a few negative Hooters girls. I remember saying that ALL of the girls I worked with were amazingly nice and easy to work with. I was wrong. There are a few exceptions. But I trust my managers when they tell me they get rid of all the bad eggs. Things take time.

Game day went great. I was, who am I kidding... I was scared shitless of working Superbowl Sunday at Hooters. Everybody built it up to be this insane event. "The biggest day of the year at Hooters." Because of the high demand, we sold tables prior to the game day. Tables that held six people went for $40 for the reservation alone. Tables that held eight or more went for about $100. Because of my good nature, willingness, and flexability(not in the literal sense), my managers love me. Because my managers love me, they let me run food and beer inside the restaurant instead of freezing outside with the other hostesses who were trying to make sense of the chaos that was ensuing outside. I got to visit with the guests and was even able to make use of my Japanese-speaking skills with a linguistics major. Entertaining seems to be my niche.

After a well thought out and well written email, I finally told my mom that I'm a Hooters Girl... and she thinks it's hilarous and awesome! I love my mom :o)

I hope you all had a great Superbowl. I really thought the Cardinals had it. Oh well. I can't wait for next season. By then I'll be getting me one of these :o) (A cute Hooters Jersey. Less revealing than the plunge tank tops and twice as spunky. Perfect for the extra leery crowd that attends game days at Hooters...)

Oh and you can purchase the Hooters Military Mondays uniform on so I'm going to assume that my fellow Hooters Girls and I will be required to wear them in the nearby future Military Mondays. Very very cute.

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The Mayor Of Wingville said...

Welcome to the dysfunctional family :-)