Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I just thought that this would be a great topic since it is relevant to super hero Hooters girl life and my Clark Kent girl next door life.

My boyfriend dated a young girl a few years back. You know, the first puppy love type thing. Long story short, there was a ton of unnecessary drama which ended up trickling into the current relationship my boyfriend and I have. Very uncool. Despite this girl having had a boyfriend for AT LEAST six months before the boyfriend and I got together, we would get sobbing voicemails from her well into our two year relationship. It was like clockwork. Every two to three months. Either a call or she would show up somewhere on "our" turf. Be it stalking his truck club website he is a part of or driving by his work to offer him Jamba juice. She'd lurk on our myspaces and bitch about us to her best friend (also my friend). If that wasn't enough, she'd text and email my boyfriend, trying to rekindle their "friendship." Can you see the horror unfold? Basically, I tried to be cool with this chick, I put on my absolute best behavior (which rivals mother theresa by the way :p), we even got coffee together to make sure everything was peachy, but for some strange reason she had it out for me because her ex fell head over heels with yours truly. My boyfriend finally told her off, took her number out of his phone, deleted her myspace, etc etc. Good for him.

But wait. That girl is an ex hooters girl. The ex hooters girl of my hooters restaurant. The ex hooters girl that gave my boyfriend nightmares of ever dating another hooters girl. Flash forward three years. I am telling my boyfriend that I'm picking up my Hooters Uniform Monday. No answer. I think he was in shock. But being the amazing sweet heart he is, the next day he called and apologized saying that I can do what ever makes me happy.

But wait. That ex hooters girl didn't actually have to battle through the millions of other hooters girls that apply daily. Even though she was also underage, a general disadvantage when applying at hooters because you have to be at least 18 to waitress, she was able basically come right on in and pick up her Hooters Uniform. Why? Because her older sister is a store manager.


I know right? It just keeps getting better!!

No, it really does. In a good way. Her older sister now manages a Hooters in a different location, but her boyfriend is pretty good friends with my boyfriend (since they were dating the sisters at the same time), and we often go out together. Drama? No way. She the yin to her sister's yang. She's easy going, includes me in conversation, and basically emits no drama what so ever.

But there is that ever present pang in the back of my brain that knows, that at any moment, the evil sister could show up. And of course I'd be civil to her. While she paraded around shooting desperate glances at my boyfriend. Sigh.

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