Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Am Extraordinarily Clumsy

Yes, unfortunately grace is not one of my redeeming qualities. I can dance. I've taken ballet, salsa, swing dancing, "hip hop", and Irish riverdance(hush I was 8 and didn't know any better). I can be graceful when I'm supposed to be. But when it comes to naturally moving around, it can be disastrous. The other day, after finally convincing my boyfriend to go on a 5 or so mile mountain hike with me, I twisted my ankle. Not 50 yards from my car. Comparatively, the hike UP the mountain is much more strenuous than the hike down, so, to compensate, my boyfriend and I decided to run down. Of course I fell. But it was conveniently near my car and an adorable shaded stream where the best boyfriend in the world held me until I, or should I say my pride, felt better.

I will be headed North to the Mammoth Mountain Resorts with my family and friends this Saturday with a sprained ankle for some long awaited snowboarding. FML.

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