Friday, April 24, 2009

I love good reviews

HERE is what our local party college, SDSU, thinks of the Hooters of San Diego.  Because although this picture is taken at "my" Hooters, the address provided at the end of the article is of another San Diego Hooters.  Oh and yes I am in this picture :p [photo by Jason Payne/Staff photographer with the coolest last name ever...]

Bikini Contest coming up... I'm not sure if I will be in it anymore because of my still swollen ankle and a few other things that are going on.  I am very bummed.  But the managers gave me 4 shifts this week not including the bikini contest.  FOUR shifts.  Usually this is reserved for trainers and our calendar girls.  So, I feel like I really should do the bikini contest because I really really don't want to let them down.  At a place like Hooters it's really easy to feel dispensable, with so many girls coming in daily to apply, but my managers really take the cake.  Especially my GM.  He is so number oriented I love it.  He knows how to keep our work atmosphere fun, but productive.  [He makes fun of me for being a nerd all the time, but secretly I know that on the inside he is a bigger nerd that even I am.]  Also, when I call in to explain that I am not feeling well and I need my shift covered, my managers don't bitch and whine about it being an inconvenience to them, they actually ask me what's wrong.  They relate a time when they had a similar problem.  They wish me a speedy recovery.  But most amazing of all, even though they  have between 80-90 girls they're keeping track of, and this isn't including the kitchen staff, they ask me how I'm feeling when I get back.  Yes, with everything going on, they still have the brain capacity left to remember to REALLY care.  I really want to make them cookies or something.  Hmm.  

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