Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun Days

Fun double days are one in a million. By double days I mean the days where I get up around 7 or 8 to work my 9-5 job at the office and then frantically scramble to my 530-? job waiting tables. Today's second half of my double day started off with section picks. This is a term we hooters girls use for the whining and bitching over who gets what section in the restaurant. Today there were eleven of us not including the bartender, hostesses, busboys, cooks, or managers. Half of the girls threw in their section picks. "Section picks" are pieces of paper we earn after completing a number of preset tasks by the end of a shift, such as 3o table visits, a certain amount in sales, and a certain amount in merch. Going above and beyond can also earn you a free pair of coveted pantyhose. Earning a section pick is very self explanatory. It means that the next day you come into work, you can throw out a section pick to get a section if you see another girl eying it. When too many girls throw in section picks, the rest of us are left with games and other contests to determine who gets to pick next. Most of the time they're games of chance. But sometimes our managers like to test our brains. This is my favorite. Not because I like to show off, but because I LOVE to see what the other girls come up with. Last time we had to name the most dictators. (on our own pieces of paper secretly of course.) Our GM's name came up more often than Hitler's. See here.

Today was even better. We had to name north american mammals.

"What is a shark?"
"A fish."
"So, a whale is a fish too right?"
"No that's a mammal"
"But, wait what? They live underwater!"

"What's a mammal? Brittany, what's a mammal??"

"They don't live in North America."
"Yes they do! They live in the zoo!"

"Card?" asks my manager reading from one of the papers. "Do you mean cat?"

P.S. I won of course :p

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