Monday, July 13, 2009


Because I've been feeling a little culturally deprived in good old San Diego, my boyfriend and I have decided to set a date for a real adventure. And so let it be known that I, brit, will be leaving the united states early next June for the uber cliche: EUROTRIP! According to my Google analytics, I do receive a decent amount of traffic on this blog, so why don't you share your wealth of knowledge with me? Tell me about you Euro wows and woes. I'm planning the itinerary now. We're thinking of spending approximately 3 weeks in Europe.

I hope to hear from you!


Sauce said...

I don't think this would be enough space for me to tell everything I know!! My family is from the Netherlands (I even have dual citizenship) so I've spent considerable time there.

Perhaps I'll email you some suggestions or if you have any questions you can shoot them my way. I'm pretty familiar with northern Europe and practically an expert on the Netherlands - hell you can visit my uncle who (shit you not) lives in an actual windmill!

Anonymous said...

As a friend of mine who recently visited Italy said: "I can't imagine why you'd travel anywhere else".

VelisEtRemis said...

Greetings, Brit;

I'm a fellow San Diegan who has traveled extensively in the UK. I have relatives from Kent in the South, to the Highlands of Scotland, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about traveling in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. I can also suggest a few "must see" locations, pubs, etc.

Best Regards,


G.H. said...

Take me with you?

brit said...

SAUCE! We are definitely going to hit the Netherlands. Any suggestions are helpful! I'm still planning the itinerary, so I'm not quite sure how long we are going to spend there.

Anonymous: Italy is DEFINITELY on the list.

Velisertemis: My dad's side of the family is all from the UK! I've been there many times growing up, but my last trip was almost 5 years ago, so any info is helpful!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Switzerland.It is beautiful there. Maybe get a Eurorail pass. Best way to see Europe I think.

brit said...

DEFINITELY buying Eurail tickets!

brit said...

Does anyone know if it's possible to PLAN layovers? Like for example... My boyfriend and I think it would be pretty sweet if we had, say, a 12 hour layover in New York city :p

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but would 12 hours anywhere actually be worth it? By the time you get out of the airport, get to wherever you want to go in the city, do whatever you want to do there, get back to the airport and get back on the airplane: well, you might be lucky to make it, and you might not have time to enjoy anything anyway.