Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the sweetest thing

Because nobody on myspace enjoys reading, I've taken the liberty of deleting all of my blog posts on that social network and pasted them here.  They're not posted yet, but I will slowly release them during those moments when my muses have decided to go on holiday.  Because this Tuesday still feels like Monday, I'm going to post a happy bulletin.  This is a letter a friend anonymously sent me.  I had been having a tough couple of weeks when this anonymous email popped up in my inbox, and although I later figured out who it was, it made my day(s). Sometimes people just need a little uplifting every once and a while.  Already have the summer blues?  Why don't you set aside five minutes and write a letter to someone you really appreciate.  As corny as it sounds, go knock their socks off.

"I wont embarrass them by saying who it is, unless they of course comment saying they did. But all I have to say is now THIS is how you make somebody's day. I'll be smiling about this for the next couple of years lol. THANK YOU"

"Before you go Tupac, I have some things I'd like to list off about things i appreciate about you.
you're fun, energetic but not annoying, you try and its apparent, you're always down for a new experience, you have a "you only have one life" type of mentality that ROCKS. you're a pleasure to be around, you don't complain often, you seem generally pleased about life, you have an excellent out look, you take good care of yourself and everyone can tell, you have a coolness aura about yourself that is envious, you're accepting but not stupid, blissful but not ignorant. you know what you want out of life its just been difficult getting there, but you are persistant. i think you're one of those people that i could count on if i needed help, and i don't even know your last name. you're caring and you show it in your eyes, angelic i suppose is a close word to describing you. you're fuckin brit dude.

hopefully these cheer you up, you are important and have a boat-load of things coming in your direction so take them on like a Spartan and enjoy your motherfucking life!"


G.H. said...

Aw. How amazing.
And, I also deleted myspace a few months ago. I hated that dang website.

brit said...

Oh definitely. I only have it to remain in contact with a few friends that don't have face books. I rarely go on. Half the people on there are so irritating haha.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was me! lol