Monday, July 27, 2009

Job Hunt

No I haven't been fired. But after a little chit chat I found out that the bf doesn't exactly like the fact that I work at Hooters. News to me. (Really bf? You tell me this seven months after my hiring??)

Originally I thought it was the fact that his somewhat scandalous ex girlfriend had worked there and it left a negative image of the Hooters girl. I figured he knew I was different. And he does. He just doesn't like the fact that guys don't always go there just for the wings. Understandable, I told him. But as a young, somewhat conventionally attractive female, I'm going to be looked at regardless. I go surfing, kayaking, wake boarding, beach hiking, etc all in my bathing suit. Guys stare. Guys catcall when I'm not with another male. Sometimes, they catcall when I am. I just figure, why not profit from it in some way.

My best friend lives in an apartment complex on a busy street with limited parking, so when I want to visit her I almost always have to park across the street. Every time I cross, someone will yell from their car or honk at me. Yeah, it's gross. Yeah, it makes me uncomfortable. Yeah, I try not to go there after sunset. Today when I went there to feed her dog for her, wearing a completely zipped up track suit that covered my entire body, and I was honked at. It was not even ten thirty in the morning and I didn't even have to cross the street this time. Guys are just horny. Being a girl is definitely irritating sometimes. Especially when I sometimes feel like I should have been a guy. A few weeks ago, the bf and I took his brother's dog with us to go hiking up the nearby mountain trails. After parking on the busy street, I opened the back door to get the dog. While bending over to snap on the leash, a car full of young males yelled out "Hell yeah baby!" in unison. The bf was three feet away from me. (He made me promise that next time I will yell back: "IN YOUR DREAMS BITCH!" Oh honey.)

Bottom line is that as a young female, guys are going to look. No matter where I work, I'm going to be hit on. It doesn't mean I'm anything special. I just happen to have boobs and a vagina, and men seem to like that. But, because it's a comfort thing for the bf, I will begin my search soon downtown. No, I wont be quitting Hooters. I enjoy the relationships with the girls and the proximity to my home. But I will be severely cutting down my hours. To equal what I make at Hooters, I'm going to need to apply down town. Wish me luck.


Klaatu said...

You may have noticed, the guys who holler and leer at women are the ones without women. The guys fail to see the connection.
Rude and stupid= single.
( or if not single, the females they do attract are real winners, Hello Jerry Springer).
If you like your job and make good money you shouldn't have to quit. Have you ever thought about working your way up the corporate ladder within the company?

brit said...

I definitely agree with you on all counts. I'm actually in school to become a nurse. It's my dream to be a traveling nurse. I'll be working on my BS in nursing soon. Last night, the bf was listing off possible negative impacts nursing my have on me. "It's the type of job that comes home with you." "You're going to see people die." "You're going to have to deal with rude people." "You're too nice to be a nurse." "You're going to get hit on by all patients." "You're going to get hit on by all the young doctors."

Now I understand my bf has a case of "I don't feel good enough/you're not going to have time for me." Which I also feel applies to my current job at Hooters. My "Job hunt" has now become that. A job "hunt." As in, basically non-existent. School starts in less than a month and I'd rather not be training while I have a perfectly good job as I'm trying to make the grade.

I also told my bf that it is the patience and pleasantness that will make me not just a good nurse, but a great one. Who would you want taking care of you? A patient, relatable nurse? Or the equivalent of a robot? I'll take the nurse, please!

Gene said...

My personal opinion (for all it's worth) is do what you are planning, stay with a job that gives you the income you need while still allowing you time to not only do the fun stuff, but do the studying that will be required to get your RN. My older sister has her RN and it's nearly as time-consuming as med school.

If BF really can't get over the Hooters job, it's his problem (which you seem to recognize) and no change you can make will make him happy. A short course of therapy might help him. If he feels your shifts at Hooters don't "give you enough time for him", he's in for a rude awakening when you are in class 5 hours a day with at least that much homework!

I'd tell you to start a BF hunt vice a job hunt, but your posts seem to indicate that he's salvageable.