Thursday, July 16, 2009


Oh I'm kidding, but the coolest thing to ever happen to a serial blogger happened to me just this last Tuesday.

It was the dreaded ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS night. Throngs of cheap families poured in. Personally, I think this is the best deal you can get at Hooters, so I often invite my friends and boyfriend in on this day if I happen to be working. Awesome deal for them, and waiting on a table or two of friends means a table or two of less bullshit, which equals an awesome deal for me. Well, apparently TACO TUESDAYS sounded like a better deal to my friends so I was stuck with a full section. I know, "wahhhh! such a hard life I live." But getting to the cool part; I chose the smallest section in the back in hopes of getting cut early and making it to the midnight showing of the new HARRY POTTER flick. Yes, ever since receiving HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE for Christmas during middle school, I have been a devoted fan.

While running around the restaurant, delivering wings and beers, I noticed that a table was in the process of being sat in my section. I finished pouring out a pitcher of beer and ran over to my table with a sheet to sign my name on. "HI! My name's Brit and I'll be taking care of you toni..."
"Are you THE Brit with the blog?"
Pause... "Yes...."
"OMG I love your blog! I read it all the time...!"
"WHAT!! No way!"
And we hit it off. That is probably one of the most flattering things that has ever happened to me. It was her boyfriend's birthday and so they came in for some wings and beer. Obviously, if you read my blog you know I work in San Diego, and she just happened to come into MY location, asked for me and BAM! Seated in my section! I tried to chill at that table when ever I could, but as always, I managed to get a few asshole tables.

As a server I am required to be nice to everyone. As a Hooters girl, I am required to go above and beyond that. It can be emotionally draining when a table treats you like shit when you're acting like they're the king and queen of this establishment.
"Hey guys can I get you each another beer?"
"Yeah sure thanks!"
"Same thing?"
"Uh, yeah!"
-twenty minutes later-
"Alright guys here's your check! I'll be your cashier so let me know if I can get you any change or if you need me to swipe your cards for you!"
"Um, excuse me, but you charges us for extra beers."
"What? Oh I'm so sorry, let me check really quick... well it does say two beers each..."
"We only have ONE beer each."
"Um..." I paused... Were they being serious? I'm not an idiot. They couldn't be drunk off two beers each. I only have three other small tables so I distinctly remember asking them if I could get them new beers. They even had two glasses each on their table before I cleared it off and brought their check. "I'm pretty sure I brought you guys a second beer each." I tried my best to look firm.
"No. You didn't" They weren't going to play fair.
"Ok... I'll go grab my manager so we can fix this."
How I WISH we could have reviewed the cameras. At that moment, I would have given anything to see my manager walk up to them and tell them that we had proof. Then maybe they'd think twice before trying to screw over a waitress. Because I know that type. They're the guys that come in and KNOW that if they bitch enough about anything, they'll return home with a few comped meals and a couple coupons for next time.

As I was taking care of my tables, I watched as a poor Hooters girl tended to one of her tables.
"We'll have ONE order of all you can eat wings and five waters." Said the father.
"I'm sorry sir but our all you can eat wings are per person. However, they do come with fries and they're unlimited!"
"Fine, we'll get two. Mine will be medium and hers will be BBQ."
"The rest aren't eating?" She sweetly inquired.
After the meals were brought, they began running her ragged, demanding more wings in ridiculous quantities. The others were obviously eating the wings, doing so in front of her with a smirk.
"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to charge you for additional orders of all you can eat wings."
"Well we're only paying for ONE."
"But you've already ordered two."
"SO. Bring the check and I'm leaving money for one."
The manager was brought into the situation.
After the manager went over there at least three or four times, he eventually comped the second meal, but let them know that they couldn't bring a box to put the wings in to take home. As my poor friend returned to the table with the check they laughed in her face, silently insulting her. I went over to console her, but being a good sport, she giggled and whispered that they actually threw the remaining wings into their purses. Without a container. GROSS!!

I ended up missing the midnight showing of Harry Potter, but my new blog-reading friend made my night. After they left, leaving an awesome tip by the way, my manager walked over to me.
"Hey Brit! I just wanted to let you know that table 8 thought you were amazing. They told me that she was a server as well and that he was a chef and they absolutely loved you. LOVED YOU. Good job Brit."
The best people to wait on are servers themselves. They understand how to behave and they have their own awesome stories to tell. I REALLY hope she gets her own blog. She was hilarious and easy to relate to. Basically the makings of a great blogger.

Alright everyone, I've got to get ready for the 7:00 pm showing of Harry Potter ;o) I'm NOT going to miss it this time.


SkippyMom said...

The wing people just p*** me off [sorry] that is theft, plain and simple. I wish your manager could've done something because now, I fear, they will just keep doing this. sigh...

The beer guys were pretty bad too, but they could've been confused, maybe - but the wing people did it on purpose and told her so!

Hope you love HP! We are going on vacation in a week b/c it is cheaper by 5 dollars per person :) Means we can buy more popcorn and candy YAY!

purplegirl said...

That's so cool that they knew you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey famous Brit can you add me to your blog roll?? Have fun at the movie!

brit said...


Klaatu said...

The restaurants really need to start calling the cops and having these people arrested/charged with theft and fraud.
So they will yell and say they are never coming back, ....and that's a bad thing?
Once you get a reputation for not putting up with these people, they will go elsewhere and your business will have paying customers.
The manager should be dealing with this, not the serving staff.