Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some People Go too Far

Are you tired of stretch marks and that whole being pregnant for nine months thing? Isn't expensive artificial insemination a drag? Doesn't changing diapers take the fun out of being a mother? Well, now you can finally skip all that yucky stuff and for the low LOW cost of one THOUSAND dollars plus postage you can have your own REBORN baby! That right everyone! These FAKE babies look, feel, and weigh just like a real newborn baby would! These "babies" have real human hair, eyes that open and close, and they even breathe!! Their tiny hands have been manicured and for just a little extra, we'll even include a heartbeat!

For Galleries, testimonials, and FAQs, please PLEASE visit http://www.reborn-baby.com/
Order your REBORN baby today, and it will arrive in just a few weeks! Dressed in the finest of baby clothes and "boxed in a nice package ready for a new home."

I'm not going to post a picture because these things freak me out. *shudder*

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