Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The art of conversation is, like, kinda dead and stuff...

It was my second time working as a day host. It was Wednesday. It was cold. It was very boring. I began pawing through the most recent Hooters Magazine and as I read through the letter from the editor, a quote jumped out at me.

"It's like a personal stimulus package for the soul."

Said Mike McNeil of Hooters VP Marketing regarding the current economic crisis and why Hooters sales remain "flat" with last years, which is impressive considering the losses most restaurants are experiencing. Horray Hooters Girls :o)

During my excruciatingly boring shift, which sort of conflicts with the great news Mike McNeil promises us, both of my managers came up to me at different times staring at me with goofy smiles, occasionally making small talk. Then a few hours later, one of them came back and told me that they had all been talking and were really anxious to get me training and on the floor as a server as soon as possible! I'm going to keep this to myself though, because about ten to fifteen girls were hired in the months before me and about half have either been moved up or fired. The remaining may or may not be pissed that I'm moving up to server in 3 weeks with no experience vs their 3 months. Sort of a catch-22 but I'm taking it.

This month's edition of Hooters Magazine contains some interesting information regarding those single guys out there that are going to be heading to the single bars teeming with women looking to "validate" themselves, which I assume is PC for "hooking up" with a dude to make herself feel better even though the poor thing is single! This article was giving out advice for the men that get approached by women, and how to make themselves stand out. Ironically, the same advice can be used by women to humorously make themselves unapproachable when the occasion calls for it...
"So do you have a boyfriend?"
"Actually I have eleven. They're just driving me crazy so I had to get out of the house."
Thank you Hooters Magazine!!

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