Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fitting in

I've never really fit in anywhere. I get along with people fairly easily, but deep down I'm a loner. A wanderer. I have friends everywhere but my home base seems to move often.

Working Hooters 5 days in a row is tiring. It is even more so when I have an office job where I spend 40 hours of my time during the week days. With school on top of that, I really don't understand how I manage to squeeze in a social life and my hobbies. So I'm trying to form bonds at my work places to keep me sane.

I've always said the Hooters girls are nice, but at the same time they're intimidating. I'm the new girl. I've never really felt pretty enough. But there I was in the middle of it all, talking with them and laughing with them. They thanked me for every little helpful favor. For a reason I don't even remember, I said "oh sorry" and one of the girls looked at me and said, "for what??" I laughed and said I didn't know. "That's what I thought," she teased. I felt at home. After work they played with my blonde hair and complimented the strawberry and honey colors. They touched my outfit and asked where I got it. For the past five days I've avoided eye-contact with my hard-ass manager. His moods seemed on the negative side and I didn't want to trip into his line of wrath. But today as he walked past with a bemused expression and a computer bag slung over his shoulders I laughed, "nice man purse." He stopped and turned to me, his face turning comedic, "I prefer 'sachel'," he smiled. It's nice feeling like I belong for once.

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