Friday, February 27, 2009

Zoo :D

Since Valentine's day wasn't as romantic as I would have preferred it to be, Kevin and I decided to hit the zoo the next day. Every year I get us some sort of annual pass to a fun San Diego attraction. Last april I bought us Zoo passes and we had only used them once. I'm really not one for sleeping in, but we managed to leave the house around 3pm and made it to the zoo fifteen minutes before closing.

We wandered for HOURS. It wasn't until about six that they finally found us and told us we needed to leave. In that time we explored jungles and savannas. We found Sasquatch and kevin tried to catch the birds. Almost NO one was in the park(since it was after hours) and maybe it was for that reason that all of the animals seemed to be focusing on us. They would try and lean out of their enclosures to smell us or just to get a better look at us. It was awesome.

We started looking around for places we could potentially camp out if they never got around to kicking us out, but they finally caught up with us in the reptile exhibit with slightly irritated looks on their faces. We made our way down town to little italy in search of food and beer, where we stumbled upon an awesome parking spot almost 30 seconds from Filippis Pizza Grotto. PERFECT. The line was pretty long, but that was to be expected on a Sunday during Presidents Weekend. When we finally got in, we peered over the wine menu, trying to be romantic, but eventually settling on a pitcher of New Castle between the two of us. What can I say, we're beer people. I proceeded to get "shmammared" and cant for the life of me recall the rest of the evening. :p What I can recall is the $9 for a whole pitcher of New Castle!! WOAH. Compare that to Hooter's $19.99 pitchers of premium beer.... yeah I know I know, instead of the cute girls pouring your beers you get plump italians but that didn't bother me...

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