Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick Days

I think this was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I traded shifts with a girl to get Saturday night off and spent the majority of the day running errands and getting ready for the desert while my boyfriend tried unsuccessfully to leave work early. We finally got to Glamis around six thirty after a pleasant drive through a beautiful thunderstorm. To our horror, all of our friends were packing up and getting ready to go home. My boyfriend was furious. We had been in contact with our friends the whole time and not once did they hint at the possibility of going home a day early. They had been there since Friday. I couldn't believe it either. I had been so excited that 3 Hooter's Girls from my work had agreed to come with on the camping trip. When I arrived only one remained. "I'm so sorry," she lamented, "I wanted to tell you that we we're planning on packing up but you were already halfway here and I didn't want you to have to turn around and just go home." Sigh. Hooter's Girl logic at its finest. My boyfriend and I stood under an easy up, our truck and trailer still packed, watching the madness of tents whipping violently in the wind as people tried desperately to pack up while the rain drowned out the deep growl of built up trucks pulling half buried vehicles out of the sand. It was mayhem. My boyfriend slumped into a chair by the fire, lips pressed together in a tight line.

I sat in his lap and took his face into my hands as I kissed him lightly, "Let's just stay."
He hugged me as we huddled by the fire, "I love you. You'll always be my ray of sunshine."
He has no idea how much those words meant to me. It's been a little rough after we got back together back in August. Our month or two split was good for us, but since then we've been more guarded and busy, leaving less time for the intimate moments like these that used to be so frequent.

I'm not sure how much time passed when I woke up, but the bf was laughing almost manacally as he swerved the truck off the road and into the dirt, something he likes to do when ever he has the opportunity. I didn't really think about it until I remembered what day it was, the unusual weather southern California was experiencing, that we were towing a trailer carrying both of our motorcycles, and that we were no longer on a paved road.
"Babe! What the hell are you doing?? Where ARE we?" I stammered as I sat up in the passanger seat.
"What??" he laughed "We're in Superstition," he trailed off, "you wanted to go home, didn't you..."
He knew my answer, "No way, I'm just a little... caught off guard."

The place was deserted. Very strange for a weekend during desert season. We flew by the few camps that remained and slowed when we saw a few people waving from a very tosty looking fire. I also noticed that it wasn't raining.
"Do you know them?" I asked.
"Nope," he began to circle back, "but they look pretty cool."
I love it when he's spontaneous :o)

We pulled up to their camp, on the outskirts of their trucks and tents turned into a protective corral around their fire, and came out to say hello. Almost immediately, everyone with a Y chromosome was around my bf's truck admiring his work and asking questions. And so we hit it off, sharing hot dogs, beers, and stories. The night was bitter cold but I liked it, cuddling with my boyfriend all through the night. The next day we rode into the dunes, firm from the rain. It was perfect weather, and if I hadn't almost ridden off of a cliff it would have been a perfect ride. As I tried to regain my constant heartbeat, I watched him ride through the natural playground around us, leaping into the air and riding up walls of sand. It was us again. Our little unit. I forgot how much I missed it.

The next day we both called in sick. We still woke up early enough for a pj run to McDonald's for egg mc muffins and hash browns. We came home and watched Boondock Saints with wide eyes, laughed through My Best Friend's Girl, and napped through Grandma's Boy as the rain continued to come down in buckets. We did NOTHING the entire day and we loved it. Around 5:00 I couldn't take it any more and told him I had to go to the gym. When I came back he was playing Full Moon by the Blackghosts on his guitar. Straight from the Twilight soundtrack. I said nothing and hugged him before we both headed out for some sushi.

:o) I have my old Kevin back

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