Monday, February 16, 2009

Single Awareness Day

I am pathetic. I haven't been single on Valentine's Day since I was 13. I don't know what I would do if I were single on Valentine's Day. Probably secretly cry a lot thinking about my current bf (if we were to split) and then get "shmammared" with as many single friends as I could find.

And I (almost) completely agree with KH, the author of THE HOOTERS GIRL, when it comes to thinking Valentines Day has become commercialism's personal slut. While I do enjoy the holiday, to think people purchase their loved ones vehicles, over-priced jewelry, and even propose in the name of St. Valentine makes me want to hurl. I feel like my boyfriend and I have hit this holiday on target twice so far. Last year was our first together. He (pleasantly) embarrassed me at work by sending me a huge bouquet of red roses, balloons, chocolates, and a teddy bear. I still have them all :p Then after work we got dressed up and went out to a beautiful dinner at the Brigantine on Coronado Island.

This year it was his turn. Supposedly. So I woke up and bought Supercross tickets from our mutual friend who had purchased a whole section for our group to sit in together. Then, after getting ready, the boyfriend texted me DEMANDING that I come over at one in the afternoon. I stopped at his place and, keep in mind this was HIS v-day, on our bed were red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, a ring pop, and an ENORMOUS teddy bear. Damn him. So of course I tackled him right there and had my way with him.

We got to supercross around four via the trolley, which is always fun because it means we don't have to deal with traffic and parking. We met up with way too many of our "friends" at a tail-gate party and finally made it to our seats in the stadium. We filled an entire section. My best friend since sixth grade found me to say hello, completely wasted and supported by one of her male co-workers. My boyfriend got me nachos smothered in cheese and jalapenos and proceeded to spill the entire contents on my lap and into my purse, covering every article of clothing I had on. Twenty minutes later I came out of the bathroom to my boyfriend begging for my forgiveness while I tried unsuccessfully to persuade him that I really didn't care and thought it was pretty funny... HE was the one who had to hang out with the cheese girl all night after all, poor guy...

We tried to go back to our section only to see security guards carting off a few girls from the group who had apparently tried to fight each other, and one of their husbands came out in a gurney after falling down the stairs in our sections while trying to prevent the brawl. Kevin and I thought "fuck this" in unison and headed down to find my best friend who had scored awesome seats with her coworkers because she works in a motorcycle shop. I saw her for two minutes before she left to search for another drunk coworker whom she later found puking in the parking lot and had to take home. Kevin and I left early to catch the trolley before the madness of crowds got there and we managed to miss the last empty one and had to ride on the first crowded one. We were smashed in there tighter than anchovies while drunk supercross fans hurled insults and profane language at each other. Five of us bailed when the trolley wouldn't continue because one of our "friends" set off the fire alarm and entered another cab where our black friend proceeded to make fun of his own race; speaking in Ebonics, and doing dave chappell impressions. Happy V day everyone.

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