Friday, February 27, 2009

Come Play With Us

To keep guests entertained and coming back, my restaurant has subjected it's Hooters Girls to various dress up days. For valentine's day it was angels and devils of course, and yesterday, for the hell of it, it was school girl dress up day and my third day of training. I arrived twenty minutes early and my trainer arrived thirty minutes late. And so I had fifty minutes of dreading what lay ahead of me. Sure I dress up. On Halloween and for those occasional "costume" parties that make no sense guys like to throw to get half naked girls to come over. But EVERYBODY is half naked so I don't feel as exposed if that makes any sense. This is Hooters. We give guys an excuse to go out and get lunch/dinner together as a group and still retain their machismo. We entertain the lonely, the tired, and the bored. Occasionally there is the bachelor party or 20 rugby players just in from Scotland... but it's bad enough prancing around in orange hot pants carrying platters of 50 wings and pitchers of beer that will only fuel potential lewd behavior. I know it sounds like I'm complaining about my job, and I am, but the good aspects definitely out weight the bad and that's why I'm sticking it out.

School girl day was a definite success, which is why this March we are getting dressed up for st. patties and for no reason at all again on the 26th! Come play with us!

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A. Robb said...

Ours is tonight, and Tuesday. The dress up days are usually fun, but I'm just against us not having a choice BUT the schoolgirl thing this year.