Friday, February 13, 2009


Horray for Hooters Girls! Supposedly, we should have new COTTON Hooters Girl shorts by April! Eliminating the need for the camel-toe-inducing spandex dolfin shorts we've been wearing since 1983.  WOOP WOOP!!

I just got done with my second day of training today :o) my third day will be tomorrow evening.  My trainers have been great and every single girl has been more than helpful.  I really love my job.  My only worry is that they keep hiring new hostesses, which means they're probably going to add more servers in the next few months, severly limiting our hours.  

I felt good when I woke up today.  My hair seemed to fall just right and my face was spotless.  I was ready for anything.  I figured I didn't even need to really do my hair and make up.  And then I came to work and saw my trainer.  They might as well have given me barbie.  She's our calendar girl.  I began to understand how Jan felt when she stood next to Marsha.  While my gorgeous trainer was preoccupied with photo shoot photos, I was actually able to greet tables, get their drinks, take their orders, and get their check all on my own!  And only after one day of training so I was very happy with myself.  

I did have one difficult table, "um..." she grimaced white picking at her food..."I'm not a bone person, can you take these back and get me boneless?" 
"Sure!  I'd be happy to!" Sure!! Even though YOU ordered the WINGS which... yes... usually DO contain bones... I grabbed the plate and ran off to find my barbie.  

"See those crazy mexicans that just left?" Said one of my managers, "They're my family.  They were just discussing who had the best butt in the restaurant."
"What did they say?" Said one of the girls.
"Well one said you did, one of them said she does, but they all agreed that Britt had the nicest ass but that she looks too young so it's weird."

lol.  thanks.

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