Thursday, February 5, 2009


My boyfriend's friend's girlfriend at the time was a personal trainer, and last year she hooked us up with very very cheap gym memberships. I don't go a lot, but it's so cheap I don't want to cancel it.

Now, my Hooters has made a deal with a certain expensive boxing gym. Because we are going to feature a large ad for them in our calendars we put on all the tables, they're giving all of the Hooters Girls free gym memberships. Pretty sweet huh. This gym has everything a normal gym has, but the specific draw to it is that they teach awesome martial arts and boxing. HELL YEAH. I've always wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. A little background in boxing and sparring might be pretty cool too. But do I cancel my really really cheap generic gym membership I have at the gym all my friends, and some of my family, go to? Hint... it's also open 24 hours too, while this swanky gym I just signed up with is only open during most daylight hours. Is it wrong to have both? I'm just going to sound like a total fitness nerd when people ask me what gym I go to. Either way, bring it! I can't wait to learn how to kick ass.

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