Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes bad things happen to good people

I don't know if I've told you this before, but my teeth suck. I mean, they look just fine, but supposedly, while they were still forming in my mouth, I became really sick and it affected the way my teeth formed. Long story short, I have "soft" teeth, which just means I am cavity-prone. So, for the past week, I've been getting them filled. According to my dentist, that's more important than getting my wisdom teeth pulled at the moment. I can't WAIT for that walk in the park.

Afterward, with the left-side of my face still numb, I headed to the hospital for my annual appointment and I decided to donate blood while I was there. I finally weighed enough so I felt it was time to give back. On my way to bitch out AT&T for being late taking out my cell phone payment that is supposed to be automatic, I dropped off my pay check at the bank, went tanning, and received a call from my favorite Hooters Girl who invited me to go with her and 2 other girls from work to try out our new gym memberships. I obliged and headed to the gym with my boxing gloves. It was awesome! It's the most beautiful gym I've ever been to. Gorgeous saunas and steam rooms, tread-mills with little flat screened tvs attached and so many buttons I didn't know what to do. We were welcomed at once by the guy that signed us up a few weeks ago, and we were just in time for a class. The class was awesome. It kicked my butt. And I pulled a muscle in my back. I was fine for a while. Got jamba with the girls and went back for some more cardio. I did mention that a muscle in my back was spazzing out a little. I went home, showered, and cuddled up in my sheets with my towl for a little nap before getting up for work. Fifteen minutes passed and I realized I couldn't get up. No really, my back wouldn't work. I had training in an hour and my back wasn't working. I called my manager and explained my predicament. He took it well. It was only training after all. But I don't make tips training. And this means I'm set back. Luckily I'm not scheduled for this weekend. Horseback riding is out now. And my bf was so excited :o/ Well, I guess I get to watch the Office tonight after all.

I'm 21 and I threw out my back. I am the definition of pathetic right now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing, lol. Sorry, but this one cracked me up. I hope you are feeling better soon!

brit said...

Thank you! It seriously hurts to type! Who knew you used back muscles to type...