Saturday, June 20, 2009

The 10 Weird and Bizarre Habits Hooters Girls form

1.  Lip gloss will become part of you.  You won't even realize you're putting it on until your boyfriend starts complaining.  Because nobody really wants to kiss a sticky, gooey mess.  
2.  You will instinctively put important loose cards, money, and paper into the sleeves of your tank tops.  It just becomes second nature.  
3.  "Cover-ups" will slowly begin to consume your wardrobe.  Because we can't leave the restaurant in our uniform and you have to look cute going into work.  Of course, some girls look just as cute coming in with their sweats and Dunder Mifflin Tee shirts, i hope.
4.  Shorts, dresses,  and skirts will never, ever feel too short.  Ever again.
5.  Wearing said shorts, dresses, and skirts will begin to feel "drafty" without that thick, protective panty-hose layer.  
6.  You'll achieve wing expertise.  
7.  Rude and lecherous guys won't be as irritating, because you've already seen much, much worse.  
8.  You will be compelled to exclaim, in your most HOOTERIFFIC voice, "HI WELCOME TO HOOTERS!" when you see someone entering the restaurant.  Even if you're off the clock.  And donning your cover up. (see #3)
9.  You will become very, very conscious of what you put into your body.  Because it WILL be visible your next shift.
10.  And finally, you will become the best, and I mean the BEST, tipper when dining out.  Because you understand.  You will also come to understand the difference between Hooters Tipping and the way to tip at every other restaurant.  


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