Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where have all the men gone??

Just for the record, this isn't an excuse to vent about my boyfriend at all. He's amazing and a half. It is a genuine concern for the future of females everywhere. I understand that women aren't perfect, that equal rights happened, and that some women are fem-nazi bitches. But I'm so tired of being teased by on-camera hotties. It's natural for a woman to want a man that makes her feel secure. Yes, I like my men taller than me. I like to know that I can walk down town with him and feel safe from the lecherous, leering men that seem to appear out of the wood work when a female is by herself. Who are all these boys, wearing pants tighter than mine, emitting cologne into the atmosphere at unsafe levels, and spending twice as long as me in the bathroom getting ready? And Hollywood, you're making things worse. You feed cute pretty boys to the PG crowd through Disney, creating even more pretty boy lemmings, and then by the time these boys are old enough for the decent PG13 and R movies, it's too late. They're already on their way to Portland and art school. Not that I have a problem with that.

This is for you Ironman, Wolverine, and Marcus Wright from Terminator SALVATION. Nobody likes a tease.


Rachel Jaclyn said...
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Rachel Jaclyn said...

"...already on their way to Portland or art school..."

I love that. Thank you for making me laugh. :] I love your blog.


p.s. I love those boys. Not the ones with the tight pants, but the portland ones.

Jared said...

i couldn't agree more. we're a generation of pussies these days. jesus.

brit said...

Thank you Rachel :o) But of course I'm majorly over-generalizing on this post. I'm sure there are plenty of fine young hipster men in the world. Just not in San Diego :p