Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Down Side of Getting What You Want

At work, we pretty much have all 80 numbers of the girls we work with. That, or they're just a text or call away from a girl that does have her number. With management moving around and taking on different duties, such as scheduling, communication between each other has been crucial for our work performance.
"Yesterday i saw a STACK of write-ups in the office for girls that didn't have perfect uniforms." OK, so now we all know to bleach our shoes, shirts, and socks before coming into work. Girls frantically ask each other if they think barely-there stains will cost them their job. They'll walk over to you and scrunch your socks if you forget, let you know about any runs in your pantyhose, and tuck the tag back into your shirt. Basically, we are a kick ass team. While we did receive a memo about our physical appearance, everyone knows it's practically impossible to keep our uniforms perfect when working with the types of food we serve and still keep up the fun vibe our restaurant trade marks. But we're doing the best we can. I have recently purchased a Tide Pen

We have one of our new managers doing the scheduling our old manager once did, and he hasn't yet figured out how to email us the schedules. So we fend for ourselves, asking girls that work the day they come out to text our schedules to us. Luckily I never seem to have the problem, as I'm almost always scheduled the day they come out, or the email actually gets through to me. This week everybody was holding their breath to see if they were able to get the 4th off, including me. My boyfriend is actually participating in an off-road race on Tuesday so I was angling to get that off as well. Once again, as I picked up my schedule, I received all of the days I wanted off, but I had actually put in a vacation request for the 4th. In the dressing room, everyone else moaned about having to work that holiday and that they never, ever worked Sundays. Dashing around to see who got it off, they spotted me.
"Do you want my shift??" they cried.
"Um, no I requested it off." I replied. Why would I want to work Saturday or Sunday when I had purposely requested them off WITH a vacation request. Later that evening I received a text from a girl asking what her schedule was.
"Are you serious?? They scheduled me for the 4th!?" She replied.
"Yeah I guess almost everybody got fucked over."
"Yeah, everyone except you"
How she knew that I have no idea. But it's starting to feel like there's some animosity growing towards me. We'll see. Maybe they'll schedule me on Sunday next time and I can join the pity party.


G.H. said...

Mm. I'm also dealing with some controversy surrounding the 4th. I also requested it back in January (and I was the first one). But my managers play serious favorites, and moved things around to look like I was 5 priority. Its mad crap.
At least you'll have a good time :)

Thing is though, the 4th is always way dead. We probably could survive with only a few people on the floor.

Enjoy your weekend. Have a few beers for me.


Anonymous said...

I find management will give the really good employees their day off request.It is like a reward.

The Mayor Of Wingville said...

Tide pens, greatest invention since sliced bread! At my wedding, my best man made the greatest call ever by deciding to equip us all with Tide pens, what a life saver!