Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Always the Bridesmaid...

Before Hooters, I had never been exposed to so much girlishness. I'm sure it's been good for me. I am now pro at stopping nylons snags from becoming full blown tears. I can actually get my hair to hold a curl for hours on end. I'm comfortable openly talking about male society taboo topics such as menstruation, feminine body hair, and other aches and pains that come with being a woman. But what REALLY surprises me are the relationships. EVERYONE talks about marriage. I'm finding out the women I work with are much older or younger than I originally thought. A girl I figured was MAYBE 19 is at least 26 with children. Yep that was a children. While most of our girls are in college and working towards impressive degrees, there is a romantic air about them that one would not find in a predominantly male work force. On average, I've been finding out that a girl has either become engaged or married about once every couple of weeks. Pregnancy conversations are common. And with only a number of Hooters Girls somewhere in the mid 60s low 70s, I think that's a huge percentage. But this is entirely dependent on the types of girls that are working with me during a shift. Some days I'll feel like I'm working in an urban city. Some days, down by the beach. But more and more recently, it's definitely been that small town feel. It's kind of cute actually. But I think I'm gonna wait a while.

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