Monday, June 8, 2009

I am a mess

As a naturally very healthy person, I've been a complete disaster lately. My previously twisted ankle is acting up again. I woke up last week with little to no hearing in my left ear. I'm congested and constantly sleepy. What is up with this?? I haven't worked at Hooters in a week now. A coworker offered to pick up my shift tonight and I gladly gave it to her. I called my manager and explained that I was still sick but had a replacement ready. "Well alright." He said "But you know I'd rather have you here. Get well and hurry back." Thank you so much for caring. I mean it.

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Sauce said...

My ear did the same thing like a week ago. I literally thought I was going deaf for about 12 hours...not cool. I hope you're all better now :)