Monday, June 15, 2009

The Times They Are a Changin'

Along with a few changes and additions to the management team, we received a particularly informative memo on the back of this week's schedule.

Hooters has always been a very image-based company, requiring their employees to follow reasonably strict dress codes and other codes of conduct.

Well friends, it's gotten even worse, er, better.

We were asked to read the memo with an open mind and to consider the motivation behind the changes that are being made. "We are aiming to focus a bit more on the 'girl next door, all American cheerleader, athletic, healthy, friendly, outgoing, happy' aspects of the ideal Hooters Girl image." That I completely understand. During times like these, we cant afford to lose any business, and chubby antisocial Hooters Girls are definitely a no-no. (Notice the HUGE drop in currently employed Hooters Girls at my location.)

I'm not sure if these changes are being made in every location. (Sauce? KH? A. Robb? Mayor? Thoughts?)

1. We are now no longer allowed to wear white bras under our white uniform tank tops. I completely understand this. Our uniform tank tops are very much like snowflakes. They are all completely different and unique. Because of this, I dread purchasing new uniforms. Although I always buy the size XXS, they all seem to be of different material thicknesses and shapes. Some tank tops squeeze my armpits. Some necklines are higher or lower, which can make your C look like a D, or the other way around. Occasionally you'll get a shirt that requires a "trim." Which is why we always have a pair of sizzors in the break room, so the shirt doesn't bunch up underneath our ever-smooth shorts. Some are so thin, that while wearing a white bra, it looks as if you just participated in a wet tee-shirt contest. Hense the illegalization of the white bra.

2. Bras continued... Bras may not be of a lace fabric or have lace edges. No designes are allowed, including scalloped edges. No crossing back straps. Clear straps are suggested. Basically no straps showing. Ever. Again, completely understandable.

3. Light pink is now the darkest nail color allowed. We used to be allowed to wear any shade of red, but not anymore. Besides the light shades of pink, french & american style manicures are acceptable. Again, I completely agree. The red nail polish just clashed with the whole "orange" theme of the restaurant. We're even receiving a sample from corporate, which leads me to believe that this isn't just occuring at my location.

4. Once again, jewelry is limited to wedding/engagement rings, and a small stud earring in each ear. We also allow required medical identification tag or bracelet or necklace. Anything else is not allowed. *They went into great detail about what isn't allowed, just incase of course.

5. OLD style shorts are not allowed to be modified in any way and must be worn up on the hip bone as designed. Hense the name OLD style shorts. Because we will be receiving the new style shorts in THREE WEEKS!! Woo! Hallaluja. Some of our trainers and promo girls already have them. My butt cheeks are very grateful.

6. Socks are now to be worn with the top edge on the lowest portion of the calf muscle. Still scrunchy of course. **This is a LITTLE lower than I like to wear mine.

7. "Pantyhose are no longer permitted to be pulled up past the waist band of your shorts."
THANK YOU! Finally. Because of the aforementioned snowflake tank tops, pantyhose was very visible when worn by some girls who liked to pull it up way past their bellybuttons. Occasionally, we'd get a nice shirt thick enough to hide this, and pulling up the pantyhose actually helped to smooth any appearance of the dreaded muffin top.

8. Tattoos are still to be covered and management will be enforcing ink on the back of the neck because girls have the tendency to lift their hair or pull it to the side, exposing said tattoo. This is going to be a big pain for A LOT of girls. I regularly see shoddily covered up tattoos. "As long as we make an effort to cover them up, it's ok!" a now EX Hooters Girl once told me. Not any more sister.


Sauce said...

All of the things you've mentioned have been part of our Hooters since we opened. My Hooters is very strict - heavily influenced by the corporate trainers that opened our location late last summer. In fact we aren't allowed to wear any nail polish or even have studs in our ears (they make us lift our hair to check at every jump start). I do have to say I'm glad you guys did away with white bras - they can look super tacky. Welcome to my world of rules, regulations and constant fear of 2 pound weight gain.

G.H. said...

So,What color/type of bra is allowed?

Anonymous said...

Damn. I know the Hooters where I work is fairly strict, but nothing like this!

brit said...

Dang Sauce! You guys can't even wear earrings?? We are only allowed to wear stud style earrings, meaning very simple, non-dangle earrings. Plugs of any size are not allowed.

G.H., We are only allowed to wear nude colored bras with our white tank tops and black bras with our black tank tops. Before we were allowed white or nude with our white tops but the white bras were very visible.