Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cutest Birthday

At Hooters we have a few different options when it comes to dealing with birthdays. The easiest, and meanest, way is to just ignore them. Do nothing. But that's not going to earn you a very good tip. The half-assed/we're very busy/you're way too shy way is the birthday clap. And I'm not talking about Gonorrhea's street name. "HOOTERS HAS A BIRTHDAY SONG! AIN'T TO SHORT AND IT AIN'T TOO LONG! SING IT RIGHT GET YOUR WISHES! SING IT WRONG AND DO THE DISHES!..." So cheesy I know. But the even more cheesy, and most time consuming Hooters Birthday celebrations consist of dragging up the willing/not so willing and making fun of them in front of the whole restaurant on a microphone, giving them birthday spankings, and ending in either the dreaded chicken dance, the even more dreaded YMCA, or my personal favorite Hooters Hokey Pokey... "Put your right wing in! Put your right wing out! Put your right wing in and shake it all about!"

The other day we had a birthday on the patio. For some reason their Hooters Girl just wanted to do a birthday clap so we all went over and did our thing. But what touched me was the guy's girlfriend. They couldn't take their eyes off each other. As we sang out bit she was signing him the happy birthday song. She was deaf. They had the happiest expressions on their faces and the moment we finished with "Happy Birthday... TO YOU!!!" she reached over and gave him the biggest hug and gave him his gift to open. It was so touching. Their happiness was so pure and real. No one else compared to them that night. The other couples in the restaurant consisted of irritated girlfriends and drunk wives. This was real, unconditional love. The kind that doesn't really notice any other girl, the kind that lights up when their eyes meet, and the kind that takes their boyfriend to Hooters for his birthday because she wants him to have fun and be happy. Oh god, I think I'm overdosing on cuteness. I need to go lay down.

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That's adorable!