Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Wave House

Where have I been? No, seriously. I obviously need to get out more because I've apparently been missing out on quite a lot in my own city. I finished my breaker shift at work a little later than usual because I'm too nice and broke some girls that didn't really need to be. It was a slow shift, but I had the pleasure of waiting on a table where a young man sat (that required a double take to make sure he wasn't Jon Krasinski, or more commonly known as Jim Halpert, from The Office; a most beloved television show of mine), whose company I enjoyed immensely. After my shift I headed straight to the boyfriend's house, freshened up, and donned an outfit I hoped would keep me warm enough for hanging out by the beach but cool enough to dance my heart out at a concert.

We arrived early. It was not yet seven, but parking is terrible by the beach and I wanted to be positive I didn't have to walk back ten blocks in a drunken stupor. It was overcast. Typical June gloom. We walked up to receive our wristbands, stepped inside, and a smile immediately spread across my face. Heaven! I took a few more steps and felt my foot squish into some uneven terrain. My boyfriend tightened his grip on me and laughed. "Easy there, you haven't even had your first drink yet." Sand! They had sand inside! Well, the venue is basically on the beach so sand is probably a given, but they actually had dug out areas filled with sand and fire pits! Bars scattered the premises and surf boards were fabricated into awesome tables. I was in San Diego heaven. We walked up to the bar.
"Guinness please!" I happily exclaimed.
"Aw sorry doll, but we only serve Guinness on Fridays."
Ok, so maybe it's not exactly paradise. Not twenty minutes later, they turned the wave generator on. Yes. Wave Generator. Near the entrance, there is a large pool area complete with warming jacuzzis, showers, and a frickin wave. They actually had a few competitions going on as well. It was amazing to watch, and my boyfriend and I promised ourselves that we would be back for the next round. Not as observers, but as stoked out competitors!

I wasn't really an Unwritten Law fan before I arrived that night. But I sure as hell was one when I left. Maybe it was the five or six beers in me, I know I know lightweight, but those kids really know how to put on a show. I don't think I've ever had that much fun at a concert before, not counting that uncomfortable few minutes when my boyfriend went to the bathroom and some broseph felt that it was appropriate to take his place.

On our way home, I drunkenly demanded quesadillas, and to my surprise and delight, the boyfriend actually pulled into an unknown drive through! I was far too incoherent to pay attention to where we were, but dang, best quesadilla ever. Boyfriend agrees.

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G.H. said...

Fast food never tastes better then after drinking. Thats for sure!!